“Top 10 Live Acts of the Year”. (GlitterballNYC)

“I believe I just witnessed the future of live dance music”. (Petty Nobles Collective)

“Top 10 Music of the Year”. (Time Out Magazine NYC)

“Where on earth did this material come from ?”. (The Lowbrow Reader)

Hess Is More started as a solo project for Danish musician Mikkel Hess, and has over the years developed into a circular transatlantic ensemble including musicians from Copenhagen, New York and Berlin.

Hess Is More has released 9 albums and a bunch of EP’s and singles – music sounding in a borderland between jazz, kraut, electronica, pop, folk and more.

Hess Is More has a long tradition of interdisciplinary collaborations, including music for ballet, art installations and more. This ongoing interest in integrating music with other art forms has lately been expressed in our concert series entitled “Apollonian Circles”. (More info in the menu of this website).

If you want to know more about Mikkel Hess’ filmscores and other work outside of Hess Is More you can visit: www.mikkelhess.com


New York: Monika Heidemann, Meagan Gillis, Michael Hanf, Matt Parker, David Mason, Rasmus Bille Bahncke, Pavel Kogan-Liakhov, W. Andrew Raposo.

Copenhagen: Mette Lindberg, Greta Eacott, Maria Faust, Josefine Opsahl, Cecille Balling, Raisa Castro, Nira Kehar, Ida Duelund, Cecilia Castro, Sophia Castro, Jeppe Skjold, Claus Højensgård, Rasmus Vestervig, Henrik Vibskov, Jeppe Saugmann, Rune Harder Olesen, Nikolaj Hess, Anders Christensen, Mikkel Hess.

Berlin: Daniel Nentwig

Extended live family: Nomi Ruiz, Sylvia Black, Yulanda Fyrus, Bang Chau, Charlotte Munck, Yuka Honda, DENA, Stine Kinck, Yukka, Carter Yasutake, Vuyo Katsha, Ned Ferm, Nikolaj Torp, Raydel Medina, Mikael Flensborg, Simon & Bjørn Winnem.


Studio & Live Booking: This Is Care Of

Management: Kaja Management